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  1. The Stingy Traveler’s Best-Kept Secret: Bed and Breakfasts Nov 19, 2011

    5 reasons why you’ll get more bang for your buck when you choose a bed and breakfast over a hotel for your next weekend getaway.

    LOCATION (save additional travel costs)

    Bed and breakfasts are located in a variety of areas around town; as a rule of thumb you’ll find them everywhere hotels aren’t.  These private residences turned businesses can be just a short walk from the city center or on the outskirts of town up against a hiking trail.  By picking the right bed and breakfast close to what you want to do during your vacation, you can dramatically reduce additional travel expenses otherwise spent on cab fares, gasoline, or a car rental service.  Some bed and breakfasts even provide bicycles for you to use to get around town during your stay. 


    PROPERTY (luxury at no extra charge)

    The majority of bed and breakfasts are old upscale homes that have been restored and renovated with modern conveniences.  The amenities that you’ll find at a bed and breakfast (like libraries, games, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, free parking, etc) are included – for a similar experience at a hotel you can expect to pay additional fees, service charges, and upgrades.  The rooms are unique, oftentimes designed with their own theme and décor, and the beds are always large, comfortable, and covered with high thread-count sheets. 


    SERVICE (VIP treatment at affordable prices)

    The innkeeper, maid, chef, and concierge are all generally the same person - the bed and breakfast owner.  This face-to-face exposure with the proprietor yields great conversation, a personal level of service, and access to lots of local knowledge.  The innkeeper provides a VIP level of service and attention to detail that only someone with a vested interest in the business can offer.  It behooves them make sure you receive the best experience possible, so you return and refer other guests. 


    BREAKFAST (gourmet quality, included)

    At a bed and breakfast you won’t be paying $14 per person for powdered eggs, greasy bacon, and cold pancakes – you’ll get a fresh home-cooked breakfast with quality ingredients.  Many innkeepers have extensive cooking experience and some were even chefs in past careers.  Be sure to find out what signature dishes they offer, read reviews, and see if you can special request a particular entrée that they’re known for. 


    EXPERIENCE (memories not just expenses)

    When you stay at a hotel it can easily become just another expense in the travel itinerary, but when you stay at a bed and breakfast, you meet new people and see the city from a different perspective.  The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere maximizes a vacation’s restorative benefits, and this can all be had for less than a similarly equipped hotel.  Furthermore, when you stay at a bed and breakfast you’re supporting the local economy and small businesses. 


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